Reflection on Faith

Our theology classes are run under the “theology of laymen”. The class is operated through tutorials. Students need to write reflections about their faith and raise discussions with others. With the help of our Chaplin, students learn more about theology.   We believe that every believer is able to re-view their faith and generate their own theology which shall be interacted with others.  We expect that our own theology can help us to communicate with other religions, denominations and faiths as well as to respond to the current world issues. It is a theology of practice rather than metaphysic. We endorse our faith thought this practical theology, we live with it in our daily life. 


Theology Courses includes :

What is Theology

The structure of theological reflection

The recourses of the theological reflection

The formation of “Truth”

The Four Spiritual Laws

The Apostles’ Creed


Sin and Salvation

God’s image and God’swill