The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot  tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone  born of the Spirit. –John 3:8


Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong, other Student Christine Movements around the world and World Student Christian Federation 
– The Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong (SCMHK) is an Ecumenical organization with missions of concerning the community, practicing justice, witnessing the testimony of Christ and preaching the kingdom of God.
SCMHK was established in 1950s. It is the first inter-university organization in Hong Kong. Although SCMHK was once shut down in 1970s, it was reestablished in 1981 by students who saw the needs to reaffirm the SCM missionary. SCMHK believes college students are the crucial group to change the society. They are the future, with passion and knowledge, dare to try, do reflections sincerely and live out the faith to a better life. SCMHK is inter-university and ecumenical. We are members of World Student Christian Federation and have connections with other Student Christian Movements around the world. 
–          We are here to learn, to discuss a variety of modern thoughts and theological tradition, we are eager to deepen and widen our understanding in faith.  
–          We are here to explore and affirm the rich tradition of Christianity,  to communicate with different denominations, with other religious and non-religious organizations.
–          We answer God’s call for Justice through the Bible Studies, worshiping, exchanges, community services and social participations. We encouraged believers to respond to the calls from God for establishing a kind and just nation, to renew and reflect one’s own faith.
–          We connect with other Christian groups in Hong Kong, Asia and all around the word to realize our faith, to raise social awareness among the campus and community, to build a sincere Student Christian group. We testify the Gospel of God by sharing, by reflection, by exploration, by reconciliation with ourselves and each other through living with the community.    
 2016-17 Executive Committee and Consultants
Chaplincy :Minister Frankie Ng, Rev. Fung Chi-wood
Consultants:Dr. Angela WONG Wai-ching, Prof. KWAN Shui -man, Dr. Chan Sze-chi
Executive Committee:Nicole Siu (Chairperson),  Fung King Tung (EVP), Jason Lai (Treasurer), Janet Ma (Sercretary)
Executive Secretary:Holok Chen
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